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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning provides a vision of your business’ future. The plan is a road map to achieving your objectives. Involving key team members in the planning process creates a more viable and executable plan with individual buy-in that puts all on the same page . By turning strategies into goals with tangible objectives, time tables, work plans, budgets and accountability we create a pathway that keeps all participants working together with the same focus.

Strategic planning can take a group of employees and transform them into a collaborative and productive team. It can help set performance expectations for employees, owners, investors and partners.

I go beyond the financial aspect of planning to work with Key Team Members, HR, Sales teams, IT personnel to form effective and reachable forecasts and budgets.

Strategic Planning services include:

  • Setting Goals and Objectives
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Restructuring
  • Cost / Benefit Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Pro-Forma Income, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Statements
  • Procurement Planning
  • Technology Planning and Implementation
  • Inventory Management and Control

Call me (337-289-0307) to start your strategic planning process and find out the power of planning and execution.