Ed Dauphin - Business Coach, CFO and Financial Analyst

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Office Procedures / Use of Technology

The combined use of technology and proven office procedures can create benefits in several different ways:

  • Order and organization are key to an efficient office
  • Original source documents are readily available for review, backup to accounting system and review by owner / managers when requested
  • Office procedures do not change when personnel do
  • New employees adapt to an organized system quicker than one that is chaotic
  • Standardize systems mean others can easily figure out and maintain the system
  • Reduction in stress of office personnel
  • Reduce cost of operating the office
  • Operations Manual documents the procedures and systems


I review the current office procedures, current state and use of technology and create a plan for improvement and assist with the implementation of recommended changes.

Contact me (337) 289-0307 to discuss how improving your office procedures can streamline your office environment.