Part-Time CFO Services

A cost-effective & highly experienced CFO working on-site to identify opportunities and implement revenue building strategies.

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Business Coaching

Put a seasoned veteran on your team! 40+ years of business experience lending you valuable guidance and support from an owner’s perspective.

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Financial Analysis

If your company is under-performing and the cause seems to be elusive, it’s time for a profitability and cash flow analysis.

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Strategic Planning

Re-positioning your company from a REACTIVE mindset to a PRO-ACTIVE mindset by developing your growth plan.

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From The Culture We Enjoy To The Businesses We Create, Louisiana Passion Shines Through.


In 2014, the US Chamber of Commerce named Louisiana

the No. 1 export state in the nation, No. 1 in export and growth, and No. 2 for income growth per capita.


“America’s new frontier for business opportunity”   Forbes Magazine 2013


Additional Services


Questions and Answers

How do I take my business to the next level?

Review and structure your business model for growth by building the right team to implement your strategies. With my years of experience, I can coach you and your team to achieve your goals and objectives.

How can I extract meaningful information out of my accounting system into a format that can help me make good decisions?

Having accurate, comprehensible information is paramount to being able to make good decisions. By assessing the availability of data and creating custom, well-formatted reports, I can put the power of making quality decisions back in your hands.

How can I get my inventory under control?

Accurate inventory is a critical component of determining actual profitability and of every financial report you view. Controlling inventory requires an adequate accounting system, process controls and management oversight. With an assessment, I can tell you where you stand and implement realistic solutions from calculating consumption/burn rates and re-order points to maintaining accurate counts in order to get your inventory and related financial reports under control.

Our Customers Want To Know

Having A Confidant On-Hand Who Understands

How Business Is Run On An Executive Level…

Sounds Like A Great Idea.


Watch Your Team Perform Like Never Before!

Building a high-performance team is central to success, and one of the most difficult challenges business owners face.

Set Clear Expectations

Every member of your team should be given clear and specific expectations of what they are accountable for accomplishing. This is a critical step that will give your team the opportunity to consistently excel at a higher level.

Start With The Right People

Do not force talented, high performers to play the game with underachieving teammates. Instead, elevate the playing field.

Utilize Key Member Incentives

Take care of your A Team and develop your B Team.

Measure Progress & Provide Feedback

Play fair. All team members need to know where they stand.

Value Your Team

The power of appreciation maintains team focus.